[rp-ml] STL slicing

From: Juha Suokas (juha.suokas@c-advice.com)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 16:38:10 EET

Hi there,
Well, it's kind of funny to be back on the rp-ml... After being away
from the business for a "few" years I've kind of lost track of all the
neat little freeware applications that used to be available. So, does
anyone know of a free software to slice STL? The only control needed
would be orientation and slice thickness. And it could give the result
in for example DXF. Anything that can be printed on paper...

As some might guess, I'm planning on doing some "manual rp" for a bigger
part. So I would take a 3D STL, slice it, print it on paper, then cut
the slices from plywood one by one, screw/glue the parts together and
voila - I have a vacuum forming mold "printed"... And no, I haven't
considered printing multiple parts on our Dimension - it would take
roughly 20 pieces...

Greetings and thanks for any information,

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