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From: gervasi (gervasi@msoe.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2007 - 19:01:00 EET

Please forward the following opportunity as needed -or- ignore if you have
already submitted input for this year.


A section on RP/SFF Activities at Universities is being prepared for the
2007 <http://wohlersassociates.com/> Wohlers Report and I am seeking input
from those Universities involved in RP/SFF/Direct Manufacturing. This is a
great opportunity to share a brief summary of your University's research and
educational activities related to RP/SFF. Please share, we all want to
know what is going on at your university.


Please submit a brief (40-80 word summary, 80 words max) statement outlining
your primary research or educational focus and any noteworthy and recent
advancements, breakthrough's, announcements, etc., being conducted at your
institution related to RP/SFF.
%20(40-80%20words%20is%20ideal,%2080%20max)> Click here to submit input


Also, interesting quotes (submit
<mailto:gervasi@msoe.edu?subject=Here's%20a%20quote%20from....> quote) from
industrial partners or comments related to the following questions are also


* What role do universities play in rapid prototyping education? Click
ies%20play%20in%20RP/SFF%20education?%20> here to submit comments
* How will universities contribute to RP/SFF and RP/SFF related
technologies in coming years? Click
<mailto:gervasi@msoe.edu?subject=U's%20will%20contribute...> here to submit
* How has your institution's RP/SFF activities helps industry,
teaching, research advancements? Click
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.jpg Images of students with RP related projects are welcome, please include
captions. Email
luded%20in%20text:> Image



Examples from the 2006 report.


South Dakota State University: The institution is performing applied
research for local industry in the areas of stereolithography, 3D printing,
urethane casting from RTV silicone rubber molds, and CNC machining by
creating physical models. Research includes methods to prototype extrusion
profiles. Undergraduate students develop additive fabrication knowledge
serving as machine operators. Contact: Jerry Visser


Indiana State University: Rapid prototyping has been a subject taught at ISU
College of Technology since 2000. At least four courses have offered
students across four different major programs the concepts and basic
techniques of additive fabrication. The courses integrate the technology
with CAD and CAM. Applied research activities include the design and
formulation of freeform surface objects and casting molds. Contact: Ming


Temple University: The Tyler School of Art is investigating the potential of
the Z Cast process from Z Corp. for the creation of mold cavities for the
casting of gold, silver, and aluminum. Casting methods being explored
include inertial and vacuum assistance. Contact: Stanley Lechzin


For more info on the Wohlers report go to: <http://wohlersassociates.com/>


I cannot guarantee your input will be included but your contribution would
be appreciated at your earliest convenience.


Thanks Much


Vito Gervasi

Milwaukee School of Engineering

 <mailto:gervasi@msoe.edu> gervasi@msoe.edu




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