RE: [rp-ml] V-flash technology

Date: Mon Mar 12 2007 - 11:17:17 EET

We do not have an exact answer to all of your questions, but the following facts may determine the ultimate material cost.
You may recall that the ACTUA System (prior to the Thermojet) from 3D Systems used a jetting system from Spectra and the materials price was about $50 per pound. That jetting system had reliability problems, so 3D went to the Xerox printhead for the Thermojet. The only problem with the Xerox printhead system was that Xerox was not getting enough dollars by merely selling printheads to 3D Systems, so they worked out a deal with 3D Systems to make a reasonable profit by sharing revenue from the material sales-- Thus the material price went up to $100 per pound to provide a reasonable (you may argue unreasonable) profit for both 3D Systems and Xerox.

Guess what- We understand that Xerox is the supplier for the printhead for the V Flash system. So you can expect that the material price will be comparable or higher than the Thermojet.
In fact, there is no reason to believe that the material pricing should be any different from the Invision System from 3D systems.


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Subject: [rp-ml] V-flash technology

Hi All<br><br>I was wondering if anyone knew what type of technology is going to be <br>used in the V-flash machine from 3DS?<br><br>My guess is that it wont have a laser and was wondering whether it <br>will have a laser diode with a 2D plotting system (similar to <br>Autostrade)? Was wondering therefore about the machine speed? Was <br>also wondering about the cartridge issue. Is this a <br>recyclable/refillable system or a throw-away item. Are we therefore <br>going to get a variation of the Thermojet, where the price for <br>materials becomes prohibitively high?<br><br>Anyone able to shed some light on this?<br><br>Regards<br><br>IG<br><br><br>


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