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From: Steve Pinkston (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 14:57:32 EET

CalRAM in California made a test part out of titanium for us. We did some machining and pressure testing on it and structurally it was very sound. The "as formed" surface is very rough but machined surfaces passed a strict penetrant inspection. The part also passed a limited endurance test. Cost was the issue that prevented us from pursuing it further.

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Subject: [rp-ml] EBM Arcam

Hello list,
What is the experience of the list about EBM fron Arcam? Characteristics of parts (mechanical properties, porosity, surface quality, etc).
which kind of electrical requirements are needed? And im so interested in how works the vacuum chamber.
Are there other way to obtain fully melted parts with high mechanical properties? Perhaps, MCP or Concep Laser?
Javier Delgado

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