[rp-ml] Question about Microlution systems

From: Kaiser3DLLC@aol.com
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 16:18:59 EET

Does anyone own a Microlution machine? _http://www.microlution-inc.com_
(http://www.microlution-inc.com) . Specifically the system with a build footprint
of 2" and less? They are a 2 year old company. I'm wondering about
reliability, accuracy experienced, production speed, customer service, and overall
satisfaction with the system. Spoke with them yesterday and hear they can hold
tolerances in the millionths, build parts from different plastics and metals,
and cost of the system isn't expensive. If it can do what they say on parts of
2" or less, and the system is reliable and accurate, this is a system worth
checking out.
Thank You.
Rob Kiser
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