[rp-ml] looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit - Michigan area

From: Andrea Reinhardt (andrea.reinhardt@microtec-d.com)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 18:33:38 EET

Dear RM/RP enthusiasts

to all in Michigan (or interested to go to Michigan)
we are thinking about starting business in USA
and are looking for people interested to do
it with us in Michigan

We bring RMPD-technologies, know-how a.s.o
click for details about us e.g. www.microtec-d.com

Send your CV if you want to be a part
anything else directly;
don't hesitate to contact us
for any question.

since 11 years making small parts without any tooling
parallel in batch in high precsion
products are: lab on chip systems, micro gears, micro grippers,
micro pumps

by 3D-CSP e.g. integrated pressure sensors

Best regards

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