Re: [rp-ml] DWG to IGES

From: Ricardo Amaral (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 01:26:58 EET

Try Rhino, less than $1000 and there is a free trial.

Fri, 23 Mar 2007 15:34:52 -0500
> In the process of sending several DWG files to CNC machine shops,
> we found that many of the shops did not seem to be able to use
> their CNC machines with anything other than IGES.  Is there a
> simple way of converting DWG to IGES without spending $5K for an
> AutoCad upgrade to Inventor.
> We were really suprized that many of the CNC machine shops appear
> to be in the dark ages when it comes to interfacing STL or 3D DXF
> files.
> PS
> Are there any machine shops on the list that can interface with an
> STL file more directly?

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