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Here is a report from Tim Gornet which did not make the RP-ML for some

 3DSUG User's Group Meeting Day 1 Blog

Here is what everyone missed who did not attend this years independent
3DSUG User's Group in Daytona Beach on the first day.

You missed networking with 235 other SLA, SLS, and Invision Users!
You missed the vendor fair with 38 vendors!
You missed the support of 31 sponsors to make a successful meeting!

You missed the following new product introductions!

3D Systems introduced their new Accura 55 ABS like material and their
new 3D View, Manage, and Print software with a network viewer, job
submission and tracking by users, and setup to slice replacement for
Lightyear, and part build and monitor.

3D Systems gave more information on their new V-Flash desktop modeler
with film transfer imaging incorporating natural light photo flash
imaging that result in dry SLA like parts. This sub $10,000 machine will
offer user replaceable parts, remote diagnostics, and a service depot
for more complex repairs.

DSM-Somos introduced their DMX-SL100 high impact resistance material,
Water Clear Ultra with ABS like properties, water resistance, and ultra
clear parts, and the Protocast AF antimony free, very low ash content
material targeting investment casting.

Huntsman released a material, initially named 71640, for HeCd based
systems that is similar to the 7800 series with low viscosity, good
impact resistance, and low ash that is improvement over their 5170
material. Good news for all those SLA 250 folks out there!

SLA Materials introduced Hi-Rezz ICE ultra clear material, Hi-Rezz MED
for medical applications that require low toxicity, and Hi-Rezz X-factor
with high strength and high temperature capabilities.

Advanced Laser Materials released their new fire retardant polyamide for
the SLS process that passes the 60 second vertical burn test and offers
Nylon 11 like properties. A highly recyclable polyamide composite
material for SLS was also shown.

DPSS Lasers introduced their new laser marking system that utilizes the
same laser as they offer for use in SLA equipment.

You missed 17 presentations on the first day that covered: Multiple ways
to plate RP parts, RP Tempering of parts, aluminum and plastic parts
from SLA or SLS masters, and STL file repair and editing. SLA specific
papers on Z comp, and accuracy of the Viper Pro and an SLA resin Vendor
panel with 4 vendors discussing their product lines. SLS specific papers
on Z and overall part accuracy, powder management, and SLS Pro
experiences were presented. The evening ended up with the Vendor fair to
see all types of ancillary equipment, software and materials that can be
used in our industry.

You also missed the Golf outing and Deep Sea fishing expedition (or iron
stomach competition with the rough seas)!

Make sure to check out the web site so you don't miss next
years meeting.

Tim Gornet Manager, RP Operations
Rapid Prototyping Center
 Vogt Bldg. Rm 101, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292
Phone: (502)852-0714 FAX: (502)852-8890

Bob Z.

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Hi Everyone,

How was the 3DSUG conference in Dayton Beach? I hope everyone had a
good time. I was just interested in an update.

Thank you,

James P. Harrison
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