[rp-ml] Updates on Cool Metal RP applications

From: Brent Stucker, Ph.D. (brent.stucker@usu.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 02 2007 - 19:09:08 EEST


I am giving a short plenary update at the RAPID conference in Detroit next
month, as well as a 3-4 hour workshop with Chris Sutcliffe, on developments
in Metal RP.

I am looking for any cool applications or developments in Metal RP that have
occurred over the past 12 months. If you, your company, or someone you know
has done something particularly interesting that you believe is worthy of a
plenary mention during the RAPID conference, please send me info (preferably
some PowerPoint slides).

In addition, I am also interested in new info on companies who make Metal RP
machines and companies which use them to help update our workshop materials.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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