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Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 19:22:48 EEST

Hi Folks:
Highlights of the latest edition of The Additive Fabrication Spy (TM)
newsletter are now available. Once again, nearly 200 additive fabrication patent
documents were published during the last quarter.
Read about ....
-- Additive fabrication technology for making replacement parts in space.
-- Improving the strength of FDM parts using a thermoset plastic matrix.
-- Low-cost fabrication of satellites combing the use of several additive
-- Extremely sensitive miniature detectors for proteins and other substances
based on micro-tuning forks.
-- Multi-functional endoscopic microtools made using electrochemical
fabrication technology (EFAB).
-- Selective laser sintering to make jewelry products from precious metals.
-- Coating plastic or other non-conductive parts with a metal layer to
improve corrosion resistance, wear and strength.
-- Colored photopolymers with novel advantages.
-- Using additive fabrication to make injection molds for expanded
polystyrene foam parts.
-- Spinal cord surgical implants with complex structures that encourage axon
-- Mannequins for practicing surgical procedures that closely simulate the
mechanical feel of real bone and organs.

To read about these developments, click on the red *LATEST PATENTS READY
NOW* button on our home page (and lots of other places), or the PATENTS button
at the top of any page. Find your way there directly using this link
All the Patent Highlight material we've presented for the last several years
from the Additive Fabrication Spy (TM) has now been partitioned into
categories. This makes it much easier to see how the field is developing in a
variety of ways.
Ed Grenda
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