RE: [rp-ml] Sinterstation2500+ laser's window

From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 23:30:51 EEST

Here ya go. . .

There is a coating on both sides of the window. The thing I can't answer is
what is the effective laser loss of a window without that coating. My
experience has shown me that the loss of coating is only one issue - the
others being scratches, film buildup, and discoloration due to thermal
issues over time.

We have purchased new and used windows from DTM, 3D Systems, Integra, and
several manufacturers of that size window before. They all provide the same
basic lens and prices can vary greatly. If 3D purchases a large quantity of
lenses, they can potentially mark the product up and still make a profit -
so don't discount any potential supplier out of hand.

We have had quotes on refurbishing the lenses. To refurbish a single lens
is more costly than purchasing a new one. It would be possible for a group
of users to send out. . . say 20. . . lenses at one time to get refurbished
and bring the cost down significantly.

Good luck!

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This is for owners of Sinterstation2500+ and the ilk.

1) Do you know for certain if the laser's window
   has an antireflective coating on both surfaces?

2) The window is nominally 3.5" dia by 0.25" thick.
   Have any of you purchased an OEM window?

3) Have any of you sent out the window to be
   repolished and recoated?

thanks and regards,


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