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Couple of notes on the V Flash. I had the pleasure of hearing Buddy
Byrum talk to us about the machine, he is the Program Manager (I think)
for V Flash. Todd Grimm and Mike Miller from Boeing in attendance at
our session, lots of good questions asked.
Machine price is $9,900, no price yet on consumables.
Very simple, elegant design, few moving parts, 3D sees no need for a
maintenance contract for the machine. Much of the mechanisms are
included in the resin cartridge, consumables like lights easily
The SLA like resin is introduced into the 6.75x9x8 (z) inch build
chamber by a film that slides in and out of the cartridge, which holds
1.5 Kg of material. 3D calls this film transfer imaging. The resin is
cured by white and UV light.
Parts are built on an injection molded platform that includes most of
the supports. The parts are built hanging down from the platform, which
is thrown away after the build process and part removal. The platform
moves down into the resin on the film, and the layer is transferred from
the film to the parts on the platform based on the depth the platform
penetrated ( can do .002 -.004), using their proprietary imaging
Machine can build at a rate of .6 to .75 cubic inches per hour, that may
be able to increases to 1 cubic inch with tweaking. SLA machine like
repeatability and accuracy. Pixel size .0088 in.
Parts emerge dry and fully cured, so support structures are stronger,
smaller than SLA. The parts shown (two small parts) had really nice
nice finishes. Buddy said side walls are not built vertical, so
stepping much less than on SLA.
Seemed to have impressive software features, remote monitoring, software
updates, auto queuing and nesting, etc.
Todd, please add and correct these comments!

Best regards, Bob Olsen

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How did parts look in comparison with SLA/Polyjet?
Brent Byers

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3D displayed the V-Flash system at the RPM show in Detroit this week.
They are stating availability in "late-summer". However, they did not
specify in which hemisphere they were referring.

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Is the V-Flash available? I am also interested in the details of this
machine, such as cartridge and "pad" costs, cartridge volume, part
resolution and material selection.
Harold Hall
Rennie, Allan wrote:
> Does anyone have any experiences of the new 3D Systems V-Flash that >
they'd like to share?
> Thanks in advance.
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