[rp-ml] Proposal in 7. EC Programm - RM goes Nano

From: Andrea Reinhardt (andrea.reinhardt@microtec-d.com)
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 09:59:59 EEST

Dear RP/RM people
check www.cordis.lu for open calls, www.rm-platform.com for RM related EC
One of the several projects presented in 1st call links RM with
(in the case you are active in similar fields, email us,
we would like to learn about activities in your country in this direction
Idea of Rapid in Top
Project will use knowledge based materials from nanotechnologies for new
products and work on advanced process technologies to address the needs of
cost efficient direct optic integration with easy to handle materials,
integrated quality control and "no-waste" approach. Lead by industry partner
needs in automotive, ICT and medical technologies and guided by equipment
partners the project will combine the development of new materials with
advanced manufacturing technologies (e.g. classical silicon processing,
3D-chip size packaging, RMPDR) and kinetic coatings (cold gas spray, which
will be for the first time in Europe used for MEMS products). Goal is to
realize pilot production lines and come to a new generation of optical
scalable materials, easy to use in several industrial production lines,
suitable for products which benefit from optically interconnect components
to be used in several fields (consumer, telecommunication, medical, space).
In the project education and training is a topic from the first start on.
Elements are "train the trainer" for continues environment protection,
quality control and product life cycle management in daily business and also
direct integrated in building startups and university spin offs, to realize
fast dissemination of the new pilot product lines in Europe and particular
new member states (Slovenia and Romania as "light house" samples). Training
activities shall be made public online available in several European
languages. Industrial applications will be: optical diagnostics, components
for optical communication, laser components, direct interconnection of the
bare die chips of microprocessor and network controller, displays and
communication units in cars and aircrafts, optical components with
resistance against electro-magnetic interference.
Best regards

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