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I can think of one. By having localised supply, we can perhaps see
the reduction in transport requirements for goods from manufacturing
centres to distribution centres. For example, most goods are
currently manufactured in Asia and consumed in US and Europe. If they
were actually made in US and Europe, we wouldn't have all the fuel
spent (and associated emissions and greenhouse effect) in
transporting them there. RM would be an ideal way of distributed
manufacture. Yes, individual product costs may be high, but not so
sure about the overall carbon footprint.


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> Dear all,
>Between the advantages of Rapid Manufacturing (together with the
>other additive technologies: Rapid Repairing, Cladding at the
>surface for tools, molds...), I believe that it might represent a
>potential benefit over natural environment (direct or indirect):
>reduction of wasted material during conventional machining, extended
>life (coatings), lightweight structures (and thus reduction of the
>fuel consumption), better efficiency (cooling channels)...
>Most of the case studies that I have seen focusses on the economical
>(or time saving) benefits. Are you aware of any report that focusses
>on the (concrete) benefits of Rapid Manufacturing on the environment?
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