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Date: Wed May 30 2007 - 00:52:16 EEST

Dear RP Community:
We, at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA; offer
a course "Prototyping and product Realization". Topics covered include
RP Technology, Rapid Tooling (RT), and Reverse engineering (RE). The
course is a hands-on type with over seven lab sessions using RP
technologies (SLA, FDM, and Wax-thermojet), RT experiments include Soft
tooling and hard tooling through Investment casting. The RE includes
Portable CMM ( FARO Arm), and Optical Scanning. Unfortunately, it is an
upper undergrad senior course (one semester) that requires CAD as a
If the RP-ml community think it is needed as a certificate course/
workshop in RP, we may be able to package it in two to three weeks in
the summer (as the current course is only offered in the spring).

I would appreciate feedback in this matter.

Take care.



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There is a short course titled Rapid Prototyping for Rapid Product
Development which is offered by Nanyang Technological University,
Dr Chua Chee Kai is an Associate Professor at NTU and he is the course
lecturer. Course details can be found at

Khurram Altaf

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dear collegues,

I*ve been recently searching for short certificate courses on Rapid
Manufacturing somewhere in Europe. Actually some of my students have
me about any Rapid Manufacturing summer workshops, but I*ve only been
to find one or two wich are actually master programs...
Do you know about any practical courses on RM with intensive hands on
activity,given by Universities or RP/RM companies alike around europe?

Pls let me know, thanx!

Fco. Javier

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