RE: [rp-ml] new yahoo group

From: Bruce LeMaster (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 01:09:53 EEST



I believe that there is already a Yahoo group set up. Several years ago
some folks split off of this group because of the amount of spam we were
getting at that time. and already exist on


Personally, I don't care for the "Yahoo Group" set up - I like the way
the "list service" works. I receive messages from the rp-ml list and I
can read them, delete them, or save them for a later time but I don't
have to go to a particular site to see what is going on. Call me lazy.



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Subject: [rp-ml] new yahoo group


I been monitoring this group for some time now

We can create a yahoo group and its free

All those in favor speakup and I can create the yahoo group



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