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From: Deelip Menezes (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 08:58:05 EEST

The Yahoo-like group is a good idea. All my groups are at Google, but I
guess there should not be much of a difference.


I did some playing around yesterday. I created a Google group and manually
added the first few messages from the 1995 archive. See


You can now use the Groups search feature to search the messages. A simple
Google search may also point to some of these messages. If we could get all
the archives into a searchable group like this, it would be great. There is
a wealth of information in there and since the RPML archives do not have a
search feature the only way to search is to download the archives as huge
text files (one for each year I presume) and then use a word processor to
search for what you want. Pretty cumbersome.


Adding the messages manually like I did is clearly not an option. There are
far too many messages. Someone (probably myself) may be able to write some
code to do this automatically. Apparently Google does not have a way to
import messages, something I believe they should seriously consider.


This is just an idea. There may be better ideas out there. Please do not
view this as some kind of "hostile takeover" or attempt to control the RPML.
I will gladly delete this test group and let someone else recreate it at
Google or anywhere else. Terry's suggestion of having GARPA take over the
RPML is an excellent one. I think they are best suited for the job. I hope
they agree.


Deelip Menezes




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Subject: [rp-ml] new yahoo group for


I think that the Yahoo groups is a good idea.

Its a stable platform as mentioned earlier,

Yahoo doesn't have any particular interest in rapid prototyping.

There is the opportunity to elect moderators ( to let people in or kick
people out as necessary),


With yahoo groups its not necessary to go into Yahoo to read the mails, you
can have them sent to you as individual mails (just like now).

also yahoo Groups pretty much runs itself!




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