[rp-ml] Did you buy TDSC Stock in January ?

From: joepuska@iwon.com
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 13:04:41 EEST

Back on January 25, 2007

We stated the following:

"3D Systems Flash

Our solution to getting a 3D Systems Flash Printer for a low price was to buy $10K worth of 3D systems stock (TDSC). By the time it is ready for shipment in June, the stock will probably be double the current price and will allow me to get the machine with the profits from the sale of the stock."


The stock price was $14+ at that time and has been as high as $25 this month. Not quite a double, but the Flash is not yet shipping.

We were wondering if anybody followed our lead to buy the TDSC stock at that time.


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