[rp-ml] Sculpture, Mathematics and Rapid Prototyping Exhibition

From: Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) (chertok@universaljointdesign.com)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 05:14:57 EEST


Some of our work will be in the 2007 Sculpture and Mathematics
exhibition to be held in Paris this year.

One series of models is currently on permanent exhibition at the
University of Hong Kong Department of Mathematics:

We would like to contribute some additional models to the Exhibition
this year and are looking for manufacturer's interested in collaborating
with us on this project. In particular QuickCast, metal processes, or
SLA manufacturer's are needed.

More on the project can be found on our web site:

We would like to move quickly on this and have some modeling work to do
prior to finalizing some models in the project. Consequently,
manufacturers who can make a firm commitment to both number of models
and to a deadline are encouraged to contact us at the phone number below
or via email.

Much of the work represents architectural research so vendors with a
particular interest in Architectural uses are also encouraged to contact

Most Sincerely,


The 2006 Exhibition Poster:

Universal Joint Design Associates 
Jonathan Chertok. Principal 
AIA Associate
Austin, Texas  1 512 407 9628 
Development + Design + Construction 

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