Re: [rp-ml] Re: Reports of the Death of the RPNL have been greatly exaggerated...

Date: Mon Jul 02 2007 - 14:26:36 EEST

Hannu/All -

In all the years I have been on this list, it has helped my team's pursuit
of providing the best RP service to our organization as possible. I am
very happy to see it live on, basically in it's current state of evolution.
Thank you to Hannu, Seppo and hopefully the FIRPA.

Oh and Hannu - welcome back to a more active role in the RP community.


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I sent this message last week, but from a wrong address, so it may have
been filtered... But here it is again... :)

At 23:32 27.6.2007, you wrote:
> Reports of the Death of the RPML have been greatly exaggerated.
>After three weeks of silence the RPML is running again thanks to the
efforts of Seppo, the technical magician behind this modern miracle. He
plugged away until he solved the problem which in this case, involved
plugging the power cord of the server back into the wall socket.
>But heres the problem: It took him a couple of weeks to get around to
plugging it back in - and we’ve been put on notice that Seppo and Hannu
are becoming disinterested parties. Very soon they will be annoyed
>That means that the RPML - if it is to continue - better start looking
for a new home.
>I would think that the best place for it to emigrate to would be to an
academic institution, or failing that, a place of higher learning.
>That’s probably a better choice than allowing it to fall into the hands
of a crass commercial entity, who would use it to further a particular
point of view, and bend it to grind against the wheel of profit, such as
>Let the discussion begin - because if it doesn't the next time the plug on
the server gets kicked out of the wall it may stay out.


Thanks to Seppo for getting us back online again, and Ed for for his help
and participation. It's great to have friends like you.

The problem with current server location is real and time will not solve
it. Seppo is working elsewhere and I do not have access to the server
room, thus any hardware problems will take time to solve. If we want to
keep the rp-ml alive, the server should be repositioned. Fortunately
Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association (FIRPA) is already expressed
interest and they are willing to help. I'd be happy to continue as admin,
and it seems that my future position at work may allowe me to take more
active role once again, not only with rp-ml, but with the whole rp

I will contact FIRPA, but still I'd love to open up the discussion for
other options as well.

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen
aka. Rapid Dude
owner rp-ml

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