RE: [rp-ml] Moving the RPML

From: Deelip Menezes (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 09:06:09 EEST

{{{{{Also, porting more than a decade of archives to such services might be
very difficult or require a lot of effort.}}}}}


A lot of effort indeed. However if the messages have been stored in a
database (instead of just the HTML files that we see in the archive), it
would only be a matter of writing some code to automatically read this info
and post messages directly to the new list. On the other hand if we are left
with the HTML pages only then it would mean writing some more code. Hannu,
can you throw some light on this?


{{{{{ The mailing list format is preferable, and a continuation of the RPML
that doesn't require members to opt-in (again) by creating individual
accounts, as seems the case with Yahoo and Google, is also highly


I believe Google Groups has an option to directly add members, without a
need for invitation or registration. I have never done this before with any
of my groups, so I could be wrong. Nevertheless, a Google/Yahoo like group
is Plan B. Plan A must be to get the RPML working as it is in a better place
and, if possible, with searchable archives. Contrary to what we were led to
believe, Hannu seems to be still interested in steering the RPML. That's


Deelip Menezes

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