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Good Morning to you all:
Here's an update for the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web-site

* Latest Industry News Releases and Newsletters.
For the first time, all the important news in the additive fabrication
industry over the last year or more has been archived and categorized. Find out
the latest news and track developments over time. Download many past industry
newsletters in their entirety. Use the link on our front page or go
directly there using this link:
If you'd like news or newsletters from your company or organization to be
included, put us on your distribution list. Send your material to
_EdGrenda@aol.com_ (mailto:EdGrenda@aol.com) .

* RP Industry Section Has Been Updated.
There have been a lot of changes in recent months. The industry is being
reshaped and new players are emerging. Learn about it all in this expanded and
updated section of the site. Here’s a direct link:

* Highlights of the latest edition of THE ADDITIVE FABRICATION SPY (TM)
newsletter are now available.
More than 200 additive fabrication patent documents were published during
the last quarter, representing more than 5,000 pages of original material.
Read about these items and more …
-- A method of electrochemical manufacturing which is analogous to inkjet
fabrication. The technology is said to be an improvement on EFAB.
-- Additive fabrication is used to make graded-index parts for a special
hybrid jet/electric turbine engine for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).
-- The profound prospect of being able to separate, measure, alter or treat
specific cells in a living organism’s blood stream.
-- Cranial remodeling devices made by additive fabrication designed to treat
head deformities in infants.
-- Implanted electrode arrays to control artificial limbs and other
neurologically-complex functions.
-- A method of making customized gun components from data sent over the web
that may have implications for other fields that use a similar scheme.
-- A method of adapting the designs of nature to engineering design.
To read about these developments, click on the red *LATEST PATENTS READY
NOW* button on our home page or the PATENTS button at the top of any page. Find
your way there directly using this link
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