[rp-ml] Lokking fora resin vacuun casting machine

From: Sanspareilics@aol.com
Date: Tue Jul 31 2007 - 00:36:05 EEST

Dear All
I am new to the group and I make lost wax castings for models, furniture
restoration and for motor vehicle restoration. I make use of RP services having
had SLA and wax prototypes made for me.
I am however struggling to do certain jobs and I am looking for a resin
vacuum casting machine to experiment with.
If anyone in the UK or mainland europe (North America at a push but delivery
would probably be prohibitive cost wise) has a machine sitting around doing
nothing I am interested. I don't care if it has been worked hard and is a bit
battered and needs a little tender loving care, I'm capable in that area.
Something the size of the MCP 001 would be fine but I would consider any make,
model or size, big or small. If it has a heated cup so much the better but it
does not have to have one. I'm not proud, I'd consider anything, this is
after all for experimentation and my ideas might not even work.
I don't expect to be given a machine free (I'm sure I would not turn it down
if it was free) I am happy to pay a reasonable price for something suitable.
Please look around your workshops.
Thanks for your time.


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