[rp-ml] Mesh Modelers Research

From: Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) (chertok@universaljointdesign.com)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 02:48:08 EEST

We've got a slightly non-standard/hybrid way of operating over here and
lately I've been re-captured by Materialise Magics' interface and
functionality. Primarily we seem to be working in stl, dxf and rhino
these days.

I'm wondering the following:

1. How would one characterize Materialise in addition to its prowess
with stl files? Somehow it feels like a very clean Mechanical Modeler
but it works on stl meshes. My understanding is that most MCAD modelers
are specific to solid modeling. However not having worked in MCAD I'm
also wondering whether there is any reason for us to look at one, what
they don't do well and which ones might be interesting.

2. Does the RP specific aspect of Materialise preclude one from
converting dxf to stl and simply working in stl? And similarly are there
any aspects of dxf that would require someone (for one reason or
another) to work in dxf only?

3. To what extent do CNC Milling Machines or manufacturing processes
play well with stl file data these days?

4. What's is the closest in terms of Magics' functionality and interface
with respect to other software? Are they mesh modelers, RP specific stl

5. Anyone working with Materialise Magics that does not eventually end
up with their files going into RP Machines, CNC or Injection Molding and
if so how do you use it?

Trying to round out the toolbox here, as well as peer into the future a
bit, so I'm hoping to sound out the list.



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