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Outstanding - Great use of the technology !


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Subject: [rp-ml] Earlier posting that didn't get through

I don't know how many on the list were aware of the details behind the
recent Shuttle tile problems, so some of you might be interested in
this, if you haven't already heard about it.

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Subject: [rp-ml] Important application of RP & RM - happening right now

I was listening to the live feed from NASA yesterday and
 learned that they will be using the point cloud data that they got from
scanning the
damage to the Shuttle's tiles to exactly re-create the damage back on
They will also use 3D printing to help in this process (they said
stereolithography, but it could also be some other methods.). I guess
this is as good
an example of "3D faxing" as they come. The replicated tile damage
(probably made by machining real tiles or maybe casting) will be
analyzed with software and
the duplicated damaged tiles will also be put into a plasma jet stream
to see how dangerous the situation is and what fixes (if any) might or
not work. They hope to make results of these tests along with their
decision about what to do made available later today or tomorrow. It
like they are doing a tremendous job "working the problem" and I have
lots of confidence they will find the right solution with some help from

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