[rp-ml] Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference

From: Shane Collins (k.shane.collins@verizon.net)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2007 - 05:50:47 EEST

Those who did not attend the Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference in
Austin, TX last month may have missed this paper. Clearly, there is a big
difference between prototyping and direct manufacturing.



8:50-9:15 Comparison of Material Properties and Microstructure of

Specimens Built Using the 3D Systems Vanguard HS and Vanguard

HiQ+HS SLS Systems

T.J. Silverman, A. Hall, B. South, W. Yong, J.H. Koo, University of

The HiQ upgrade to the 3D Systems Vanguard selective laser sintering (SLS)

machine incorporates a revised thermal calibration system and new control

software. The paper comparesthe tensile modulus, tensile strength,

at break, flexural modulus, Izod impact resistanceand microstructure of two

batteries of standard specimens built from recycled Duraform PA (Nylon 12).

The first set is built on a Vanguard HS (High Speed) system and the second

the same system with the HiQ upgrade installed. A third set of specimens is

using fresh material to establish an independent baseline for the material

properties of HiQ-processed Duraform PA. The upgrade reduces user

intervention, decreases total build time and improves surface finish.

tensile, flexure and impact properties are all found to decline after the
upgrade is




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