[rp-ml] Kaiser3D offers new Objet Tango Plus 930 rubber

From: Kaiser3DLLC@aol.com
Date: Fri Sep 14 2007 - 22:28:29 EEST

Cedar Park, TX, September 14, 2007 - Kaiser3D (K3D) is pleased to offer parts
created from the new Objet TangoPlus FullCure930 rubber. This new material
expands the Tango family of rubber-like materials, offering exceptional
elongation at break, excellent toughness and durability and high resistance to
tearing. It addresses a broad range of applications requiring rubber-like
flexibility and durability, such as gaskets and seals, hoses, athletic footwear, toys
and more.
The new material offers unmatched combination of mechanical properties that
sets a new standard in rubber-like performance. At 218%, the elongation at
break of TangoPlus is more than double that of any other rapid prototyping
material available on the market. It is highly resistant to tearing and has a Ross
Flex measurement in excess of 150,000. Thus, TangoPlus offers outstanding
resistance to deterioration, making it ideal for models that are likely to be
exposed to long use or rough handling.
TangoPlus FullCure930 a semi-translucent elastomer builds on the success of
the market-proven TangoGray and TangoBlack materials, which also offer specific
levels of elasticity.
In depth information can be found regarding the TangoPlus material on the
Objet Geometries web site under News Releases at _http://www.2objet.com/_
(http://www.2objet.com/) .
Kaiser3D is owned by a former PolyJet Field and Applications Engineer and
produces prototype parts using the PolyJet process optimized at the very envelope
of its capabilities. This always translates into a high
quality prototype produced every time for customers and is what sets K3D
apart. With over 10 years of expertise in the RP industry, K3D understands what
customers look for when searching for a source to develop their 3-Dimensional
part: care, quality every time, good prices, proper knowledge & understanding,
seamless operation, and quick service. In addition to Rapid Prototype
Manufacturing, Kaiser3D also offers Engineering service consultation to Mechanical
Engineering; Plastic Injection molding services, and 2-Dimensional concept to
3-Dimensional CAD design services.

Please visit our web site listed here. We are always here to be of service,
and if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Kaiser3D, LLC
E-mail: _kaiser3d@kaiser3d.com_ (mailto:kaiser3d@kaiser3d.com)
Phone: 512-585-8838
Fax: 512-366-9576
Web Site: _http://www.kaiser3d.com/_ (http://www.kaiser3d.com/)

Best regards,

Robert Kiser
President & Manager

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