[rp-ml] "Architectural Geometry" (Forthcoming)

From: Jonathan Chertok (chertok22@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Sep 18 2007 - 16:01:43 EEST

I wanted to let the list know of a forthcoming publication called
"Architectural Geometry" from Bentley Institute Press.

700 plus pages for the digital freeform fabricator. Heavily illustrated.

This one should eventually be on shop tables and in architecture and
engineering offices everywhere. I'll be reviewing a proof of the book and
will post notice of this when it becomes available.

It is also a good time for us to launch the Blog portion of our website.
Feel free to forward links. The site will be related to non-Euclidean design
and construction. We will also be heavily involved with rapid prototyping,
the organization of cad data, as well as the underlying mathematics related
to freeform projects.

http://www.universaljointdesign.com > blog

chapters 1 - 19:
creating a digital 3d model
polyhedra and polyhedral surfaces
boolean operations
planar transformations
spatial transformations
curves and surfaces
freeform curves
traditional surface classes
freeform surfaces
motions, sweeping, and shape evolution
visualization and analysis of shape
developable surfaces and unfoldings
digital prototyping and fabrication
geometry for digital reconstruction
shape optimization problems
discrete freeform structures



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