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Damn! This is the kind of stories we used to hear about 3D Systems and DTM.
Maybe this is the reason this industry has grown at an inconceivably glacial
rate for the last two decades? I wonder, does anybody know what Apple's
service was like when they first hit the market with their computer in the
1970s? I know when IBM did it, their PC was backed by the most incredible
service organization in the world, and that helped give people the
confidence to jump in.


Marshall Burns <>

(a site where the data are horribly out of date, but hopefully the ideas are







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We purchased a Z-printer 510 and while the machine worked well when it
worked, the support was particularly horrible. In the US the support was
mediocre at best, but when shipped overseas it was non-existent from their
local distributor. Even with paying a yearly maintenance fee we would get
responses that "they didn't have enough time" to help us and they never once
helped to fix any issues.


On purely that basis I would never purchase another Z-Corp anything ever
again. We went with them because of cost, but regretted it because now we
have a $50,000 paper weight.








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I am Raheel Rasool from National University of Sciences and Technology.
Currently we are evaluating a purchase case for a 3-D printing machine.
Dimension Elite and Zprinter 510 are the two machines which we have
considered. I have done some evaluation of both the machines based on the
data provided by the respective companies and their vendors. However i am
still not entirely convinced.
Therefore i would like to request some assistance in this regard from
someone who has a fair idea about both the machines. I want to make an
analysis considering the application of the machines keeping the cost
considerations aside, and then an analysis with the cost considered.
Any assistance in this regard will be very benifical to our cause
Thanking you in anticaption

Raheel Rasool

Lab Supervisor
Research Centre for Modelling & Simulation (RCMS)




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