[rp-ml] Vacuum casting wax

From: Sanspareilics@aol.com
Date: Sat Oct 06 2007 - 22:04:00 EEST

Dear All
I am about to play with my newly aquired MCP 001 vacuum casting machine but
would like some advice before I start.
I want to pour wax under vacuum using a heated cup. The parts will be thin
walled (about 1.5mm). It would be helpful to know what temperatures for the
wax and for the mould (pre-heat and cooling) to start at and what waxes you
might reccommend.
More importantly before I have masters made, what shrinkage should I
calculate into the masters? I have been told 2%. I normally inject wax under
pressure ala jewellery castings and the shrinkage is almost 0% but the wax will be
heated well above its normal injection temperature to pour under vacuum. If
injected would shrink quite sustantially at higher temperatures.
Any experience and hints would at least give me a start and save time
              Iain Young


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