Re: [rp-ml] Just wondering where everybody has gone

From: Rachel Park (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 12:52:35 EEST


I know for a fact that many of the original 'cheerleaders' for RP are
still here and still working in the industry. If I could point you to
the July/August issue of The TCT Magazine, a feature appeared called
the TCT 25, which listed the top 25 individuals who have been dominant
in RP/RM/RPD for the last 15 years, together with a brief biography for
each and what they are doing now. This list was compiled based on votes
from within the industry and from readers of TCT Magazine. This feature
was also supplemented by an article that documented some of the major
milestones over the last fifteen years in this industry.

I think you have a point when you suggest that the maturity level of RP
may be influencing the lack of noise on this list, however in my
opinion RP is far from mainstream and the boundaries still need to be
pushed. Having attended the latest TCT Conference on RM, which ran the
same week as VRAP in Portugal which also hosted the annual GARPA
summit, I think it is safe to say that there are still a high number
of real champions of the technology out there and doing what they can
to spread the word. RM is experiencing the same growing pains that RP
did 20 years ago, but it is making huge strides forward as it strives
to find its place in the manufacturing economy which it undoubtedly

Regards, Rachel

Rachel Park
TCT Magazine

On 11 Oct 2007, at 20:44, George Sachs wrote:

> I was just wondering where all the RP "cheerleaders" of old have gone
> ... onto greener pastures perhaps? Have many of the contributors to
> this list from the 90's moved on to do other things or has interest
> just waned in general? Is RP, perhaps, now too mature and mainstream
> to really bother pushing anymore? I'd like to get anyones thoughts
> about the last 20 years and where things might head in the next 10.
> For instance has anyone been able to make any really BIG money from RP
> compared to, say, the internet? What about RM? Is there anything new
> for manufacturers to really get excited about lately (or, maybe, was
> there ever)? Having been with this list since the beginning, I was
> just wondering who's left from those "heady" early days of fantastic
> prognostications.
> G. Sachs
> Paradyme Systems

Rachel Park
TCT Magazine

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