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Hi Folks:
* Highlights of the latest edition of THE ADDITIVE FABRICATION SPY (TM)
newsletter are now available on the site. A new record of more than 250 additive
fabrication patent documents were published during the last quarter.
Considering that it took 13 or more years for the field to exceed 250 US patents in
total, the fact that as many documents are now being published in a single
quarter provides evidence of how quickly things are changing and blossoming
With this update and additional background research our US RP Patent
Database also achieved a new milestone this quarter. There are now well over 5,000
documents included in the database. The source material would well-exceed
125,000 pages in length.
Read about these new developmentsā€¦
-- Screen printing used to fabricate layers of many structures in parallel
to make small intricate devices.
-- Adapting three dimensional printing (3DP) to the construction of
-- Combining EDM and laser powder forming processes to fabricate a part and
precisely finish it in the same setup.
-- Using selective laser sintering and three dimensional printing to making
fuel cells.
-- IC heat sink made by stereolithography.
-- Unobvious advantages of Ultrasonic Consolidation in making metal
packaging for sensors and circuitry.
-- Gloves with a mind of their own that amplify small errors for surface
-- Very advanced composites containing among other things integral sensors,
self-healing materials and fluid mixing ability.
-- A process to convert a wide range of powders to a more optimal shape for
SLS/SLM applications.
-- Making contact lenses using stereolithography.
-- A plastic device to keep airways open to treat such conditions as sleep
apnea and snoring.
-- Using the selective laser melting (SLM) process to make sections of
cable models for testing and evaluation.
To read about these developments, click on the blue *ADDITIVE FABRICATION
SPY* button on our home page or the PATENTS button at the top of any page. Find
your way there directly using this link
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