[rp-ml] Faculty Opening at Utah State University

From: Brent Stucker (brent.stucker@usu.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 19:27:40 EEST

RP Community:

Attached is a position opening advertisement for 2 new faculty positions in
our department. The positions are in the areas of Solid Mechanics and
Thermal Sciences, and successful candidates must be interested in teaching
in these areas. We are very interested in candidates who have a record of
successful funding and journal publications.

As a number of people who are experts in Solid Mechanics or Thermal Sciences
apply that expertise to issues in rapid prototyping, I thought I would post
the add on the RPML. I encourage anyone to apply who is interested. We are
open to people who are experimentalist or modelers. However, if your
primary technical expertise is Materials or some other area besides Solid
Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, don't bother applying as your application
will not be considered. Thus, if you apply for one of these positions, you
should clearly emphasize your expertise in Solid Mechanics or Thermal
Sciences in addition to the type of application area where you apply those

Have a great day.


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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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