[rp-ml] FS: 4W DPSS UV Laser Systems $20,000USD

From: andersonsurplus@cox.net
Date: Thu Nov 01 2007 - 21:40:41 EET

Hello Everyone,

We have the following DPSS UV laser systems in stock and ready for immediate sale:

Qty. 4 - Coherent Paladin Mode Locked DPSS UV 4 watt 355nm laser System - Coherent Paladin mode locked UV laser system, 355nm, >4 watts output, repetition rate 80Mhz , pulse length >5ps @ 355nm, TEM00 spatial mode, M squared <1.2 , beam diameter 1mm +/- 10%, beam divergence <550 micro-radians, long term power stability <2%. This system comes complete with chiller, manual, and all cables and hoses ready for immediate installation. This system manufactured in 2005 and is in excellent condition

Qty. 11 - Spectra Physics Vanguard Mode Locked DPSS UV 4 Watt Laser system - Spectra Physics Vanguard, DPSS, 355nm mode locked laser system, includes; j-20 oscillator power supply, j-80 amplifier power supply, chiller, Pulizzi power distribution unit, manuals and operating software. This system's output is >4watts @355nm @ 12ps pulse length at a repetition rate of 80Mhz.This system manufactured 2003

Your choice $20,000.00USD. Pictures and more information are available upon request.

Thank you,

Ron Anderson

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