Re: [rp-ml] Investment casting

From: Brett Lyons (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 18:07:46 EET

Hi Bill,

The Z310 and 810 (if you can get one) are great for IC work. It cant
compete with quickcast for accuracy and min wall section, but has other
redeeming qualities, relative to what type of casting you are making.
There was a paper (mine) on the topic in the TCT conference procedings
from this year if you're interested in more info.


Brett Lyons
Senior Research Technician, UM3D Lab
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Quoting Bill Bedford <>:

> I'm looking at the possibility of using a 3d printer to directly
> produce waxes for investment casting for low volume production.
> Has anyone any experience of doing this?
> What machines would people recommend and are there any potential
> problem I should be aware of?
> --
> Bill Bedford
> "Nothing is as important as model railways and even that isn't very
> important"
> -some wiseguy somewhere

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