Re: [rp-ml] Investment casting

From: Stewart Dickson (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 20:27:08 EET

I'm a second-degree user, but I can tell you that I have hired friends
of mine to walk pieces from data files through the foundry for me and
they start with the 3D Systems Thermojet, printing in Black Wax. The
results are excellent!
The work was done by Atomic Monkey Productions, Glendale, CA
and Flint Reisfeld at American Fine Arts Foundry on Ontario Street in



Bill Bedford wrote:
> I'm looking at the possibility of using a 3d printer to directly
> produce waxes for investment casting for low volume production.
> Has anyone any experience of doing this?
> What machines would people recommend and are there any potential
> problem I should be aware of?

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