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Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 21:22:49 EET

Hi Bill, If the parts are small and don't contain undercuts etc. Then
two-sided machining in wax, of a bunch of parts at a time should be the most
economical and give the best burnout results.

Solidscape machines produce very detailed parts, with excellent burnout, but
the parts will work out relatively expensive.
As far as I know, all other machines/resins leave varying degrees of ash,
and/or require special burnout procedures.
Does anyone else know of a clean burn-out printer?

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I'm looking at the possibility of using a 3d printer to directly
produce waxes for investment casting for low volume production.

Has anyone any experience of doing this?

What machines would people recommend and are there any potential
problem I should be aware of?

Bill Bedford
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