Re: [rp-ml] Investment casting

From: Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 06:08:40 EET

Hi Bill.

Just a quick one here. Feel free to follow up per your needs.

I've done investment casting with the Thermojet wax (grey). Nice
consistency. This method was nice as you have the opportunity of
verifying the part by hand prior to production as well as touching it up
by hand. Really rather satisfactory from a sculpture standpoint.

No problems with the casting itself. Note that this model was oval
shaped, monolithic and no delicate parts.

I've also done direct to metal casts in bronze and aluminum with
relatively tricky parts. I found the bronze to be amazing. This process
was a negative mold in RP. I had the work done at Griffin Industries in
Wisconsin. Highly recommend them.

FWIW I've used the sintered stainless steel infiltrated with molten
bronze process with ExOne here in the States as well. I'd also highly
recommend them. Super parts, super fine detail.

I've also done plaster molds from ZCorp Plaster parts, rubber molds from
plaster parts, as well as plaster molds of a final bronze part.
Depending on geometry all could be used for short runs in wax as far as
I can tell.

I've also done investment casts with the ZCorp starch (?) process. Mixed
results but this was a long time ago and with a foundry without
experience working with the ZCorp product.



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