[rp-ml] Silicone used for molding PTM&W 8952 or 8902?

From: Steve Stewart (Steve@protogenic.com)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 22:48:18 EET

Hi, all -
Does anyone have any insight into casting PTM&W 8952 or 8902?
- The company recommends a platinum silicone only and requires the mold to be heated for proper processing of the resin.
- In our current tests we've only been able to get 12 castings per mold... (BTW - the manufacturer isn't surprised by these #'s...)
- we used GE-TSE 3453T
Any current users out there willing to share their experience w/the material or insight on how we can help increase the mold life?
- it's the V0 rating of the 8952 and its properties that our customers like, as well as the impact strength of the 8902... and the viscosity is low enough that it is easy to process and fill "large" molds.
Thanks in advance!
Steve Stewart

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