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I would have thought that the SLA Viper (small frame) would do a good
job of these, providing that the correct resin is selected, and it is
capable of building the patterns in one piece. I only have experience of
waxes from 3D's Thermojet machine, but I would not think that it is an
appropriate route for these parts. I would doubt that the powder based
technologies (or at least those that I have seen) have the resolution
you are looking for. As I said in my previous reply though, SLA patterns
are relatively expensive and can be quite hard to process and I have no
experience of casting brass.

I hope this helps


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Sorry the link were bad on an earlier post, now corrected


> It may be worth posting a
> generic geometry (if you can) and asking the list for comments from
> experience.

Thanks very much to for everyone's input on this, There have been a
number of useful replies that I will be following up, though I have the
feeling that I'm pushing the envelope in a different direction to most
people. Just to show you all what I've put graphics of parts I would
like to cast in here

< Frame.jpg>
< Bogie.jpg>

These would be cast in brass

The sizes are

Frames 117 x 21 x 15 mm
Bogie 32 x 23 x 8.5 mm

The side frames on each should ideally be less than 1mm thick.

Bill Bedford
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