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Date: Thu Dec 13 2007 - 00:08:36 EET

Color should be no problem - you should be able to make parts any color
you want just by using different colors of paper.




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Thanks for the post. The first thing I noticed was that the website
isn't exactly impressive. Also the few parts that were shown on the site
were, to me, quite frankly kind of 'crappy' (something like 1980's
quality). Also they didn't show any examples of really complicated parts
(say a 'braingear', though admittedly it's just a show-off piece). Isn't
this basically like the much more expensive earlier Kira? machines with
the exception of how they do their bonding? We are still taking about
laminated paper parts that have no better resolution (z-axis wise) than
the old LOM machines had and the price doesn't seem to be all that
cheap. What about build speed and stability of parts made? And I'd be
surprised if they used lasers in this for safety reasons, but if they
use blades those wear out pretty quickly, so maybe they use something

In the case of the examples shown, I think I could do a lot better in
terms of speed and quality with just good old CNC. No, I don't think
this will prove to be a breakthrough in low cost RP technology, unless
the cost comes down a lot and this method could prove to be 5-10 years
too late now. I'd be kind of surprised if they manage to sell a lot of
these units, but it will be interesting to see how they fair in the
lower end market. If they can do color, that might help a lot. Unless
new machines address most, if not all, of the deficiencies and cost
issues that users have raised over the last two decades, I don't think
any of them will represent a major advance, much less breakthrough, in
RP. Just my two cents worth on this.

G. Sachs
Paradyme Systems

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Hello List:


     This morning, I received a note about a company Mcor Technologies
in Ireland that has a new RP machine using LOM to fabricate models from
A4 office paper. The build volume is 297X250X150MM. The web site is:


Have a great day.




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P. S.


     I have no financial interest in Mcor Technologies.


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