Re: [rp-ml] Jewelry minimum parameters

From: Todd Pederzani <>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 20:00:01 EET

Jonathan Chertok (Universal Joint) wrote:
> Also is this process-dependent and if so what are the options here?
The answer to this question is solely process dependent, so it would
help to understand what you're looking for as a deliverable, and what
you're going to do with it. There are service bureaus, materials, and
processes that specialize in jewelery, and casting of it. The service
bureau I work at does not specialize in it, yet I've seen
stereolithography parts used as-is, for patterns for (precious) metal
casting, and electroplated.

There are a lot of helpful people on the list, so if you frame your
questions right, you should get a number of responses.

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