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Hi Folks:
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More than 200 additive fabrication patent documents were published during
the last quarter. With this update our US RP Patent Database now includes well
over 5,200 documents. The database source material now would exceed 130,000
pages in length if printed.
Read about these new developments and more …
-- A method of jetting melted thermoplastics.
-- Variations on three dimensional printing to allow the use of 2D printer
-- Directly manufacturing coils for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
instruments using laser sintering.
-- Making turbine wheels for superchargers using laser powder forming.
-- Hearing aids with an extra microphone mounted in the teeth to receive
sounds by bone conduction.
-- An artificial compound-eye lens system providing a wide viewing angle and
infinite depth of field.
-- Direct fabrication of missile igniters without tooling.
-- Hydrophobic and self-cleaning surfaces for bio-chips, micro-reactors and
other instrumentation.
-- Improved laser sintering materials incorporating reinforcing fibers but
retaining good flow characteristics.
-- Prosthetic devices to modify facial aesthetics.
-- Predicting where inhaled medicines are deposited in the lungs.
-- Counterfeit-proof pharmaceuticals.
-- A heart device that prevents regurgitation through the valves.
To read about these and other developments, click on the PATENTS button at
the top of any page, or the PATENTS link at the bottom. Find your way there
directly using this link
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