[rp-ml] Windowpanes and Open Build Style for Viper SLA

From: Vincent Chan <vchan5_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jan 19 2008 - 19:46:19 EET


I am rather new to RP and stumbled upon this mailing list. My interest is
in using biomaterials for the SLA. So far, I have had trouble measuring the
fundamental properties Dp and Ec for one of our materials using the Viper
SLA system.

My understanding is that, in order to find these values, you need the
equation Cd = Dp*ln(Emax/Ec). Emax can be found and replaced by the
calculated Eav = Pl/Vs*hs. Herein lies my question. The Windowpanes
technique requires a series of increasing energy exposures to create
increasing cure depths. Jacobs (1992) says that the energy exposure is
controlled by the laser drawing speed, Vs. How do you change Vs in the
Viper SLA system? Furthermore, it is implied that the Pl is measured using
a laser power meter (which seems quite tedious) and Vs can be measured using
a stop clock for accuracy, but how do you measure the line spacing, hs?

I am told that the energy exposure, Eav, can also be controlled by altering
the Hatch Overcure values in an open Build Style. If that is the case, does
anybody have an open Build Style, and how would I be able to read it?

Many thanks in advance.

Vincent Chan
Received on Sat Jan 19 18:18:52 2008

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