[rp-ml] Tangible Express customer list

From: Alex Linde <alex_at_tangibleexpress.com>
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 23:55:47 EET

As many of you may know, Tangible Express in Springville, Utah has
closed its doors and will not be providing prototyping services
anymore. I have a customer list with about 180 customer names and
addresses that have purchased RP services from us and about 130 of
those have a contact name and phone number included. I will also
include any tradeshow leads that we have laying around as part of the
package. I will sell that list to the highest bidder, as is, no
warranties, guarantees or anything. I just want to give the list to
someone who may need it with no stings attached except my word that
the list is truly our customer list and the amount of names stipulated
in this email is correct. . It will come in an excel sheet format with
no more information than that to be provided. If something is wrong on
the list, sorry.

With all of that in mind, and if you are interested. Please send me an
email to alex@tangibleexpress.com with your bid amount. I will be
closing this out by Friday of this week. I am not interested in giving
any more information than this like geographical break down etc. As
you can imagine, many of the customers on the list are in Utah.


Alex Linde
Tangible Express
Received on Tue Feb 19 22:26:14 2008

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