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I use a Parker Nitrosource with a 1000 litre pressure vessel. The
Nitrosource is fed by compressed air (in my case 7 bar) so that gives me
the flow from the unit with a 7000 litre reserve. This is more than
sufficient for my needs (2 HiQ's and a Sinterstation Pro) and I even
find that it produces pure enough gas to supply my furnace. The
Nitrosource unit was marginally more expensive than one wall mounted
units that would run 2 HiQ's, but the real beauty of it is that it's
expandable. For half the price of the original unit, you can double it's
capacity by adding another module and these modules can continue to be
added if required.


Moe info here







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Dear Jay,

All the EOS laser sintering machines come with nitrogen generators
built-in as part of the system. EOS uses Parker nitrogen generators
from Parker Gas Separation. Since the EOS machines can process SLS(r)
materials I would say the Parker nitrogen generators should work for
your 2500+. The price would depend on your volume requirements and the
nitrogen generator needs to be sized properly. Too much flow from an
improperly sized nitrogen generator can lead to more oxygen in the
output gas than expected. For example we use two nitrogen generator
modules on the P730 and one on the P390. Good luck on your project.
Changing out bottles all the time can be expensive.


Shane Collins

West Area Sales Manager

EOS of North America

805 427 0019

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Hello all,

Can I get some simple responses to what type/brand of nitrogen
generators are being used in the SLS field. Also, include an
approximate price if possible. My application would be for a 2500plus
SLS machine.


Jay Jozwiak
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