[rp-ml] Connex 500

From: Tom Surbrook <toms_at_prototech.com>
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 19:07:58 EET

We are a rapid prototype Co. in Washington St. in USA. The
installation of the machine went very smooth, the install tech. did a
good job with the training and setup, no problems. It took about 3
days from crate to running. I agree with Steve the tear strength of
the Tango materials is poor at best and we have the Tango plus but
not the software to run it yet. For overmolding the Tango looks like
it will work very well. Being a relatively new method of producing
parts for us I can only say that those who have looked at the quality
of the parts and the cost prefer the poly jet.

Tom Surbrook
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