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From: Robert D. Crangle <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 04:21:14 EEST

Helisys is no longer in business ... but Michael Feygin is around. In the
day their LOM units were reasonably expensive but used very inexpensive
consumables ...

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Let's see

Buy an expensive machine that then requires expensive consumables, tied to
the machine by the usual "Using anything else invalidates your warranty"
and the machine creates items that look the part but are unusable.

I think I can understand a certain degree of reluctance by folk without
cash to burn...

The fact that it is a standard commercial exploitation technique I guess is

I must admit to struggling with the concept of RP when you look at it like
the above, much as I fancy it as a fun toy.

RM though that is an entirely different matter..........


"Stewart Dickson" <> wrote:
> The cost of R-P machines is dropping constantly, but I think that the
> cost of operating them is not dropping as quickly.
> Consider that Z-Corp's -- essentially plaster-of-Paris and Super-Glue --
> is still on the order of $100 a liter.
> Granted that's 1/4 the cost of Stereolithography resin, but it seems
> that for the benefit of developing countries
> (and academic institutions) there could be some "Open Source" materials
> made available.
> I think that the 3D Systems Thermojet might be the cheapest to own and
> operate.
> Are the Michaels Tsenter and Feygin -- Helisys -- still in business?
> (Paper is possibly not a plentiful resource in Africa, for example.)
> Cheers,
> -Stewart
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> Todd Pederzani wrote:
>> ahmad ayyaz wrote:
>>> Despite of all the fantastic features and benefits of Rapid
>>> Prototyping , the idea could not get acceleration especialy at small
>>> to medium enterprises level largely in developing countries? What you
>>> people think the root cause of this? and what you will suggest to do
>>> in this regard?
>> I'm no expert, but two factors I'd consider are price and locality.
>> None of the RP machines are particularly affordable (IMO), and service
>> may not be available (or at high cost) in their area (or on a
>> reasonable time frame.)
>> Do you have quantitative measurements of the lack of adoption of RP in
>> the countries? You may get a lot of answers, but I'm not sure how
>> provable any of them may be (mine definitely included).
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