[rp-ml] Elastomer for casting in RTV or aluminum molds

From: <ChathamRes_at_aol.com>
Date: Wed May 07 2008 - 18:35:12 EEST

We have developed an elastomer for use in a swimming soft bait lure that has
some interesting properties. This material might be of interest to some of
the members of this list.
The development was spurred by the concern that most polymer based lures
have a very long lifetime. In some cases, it was found that fish ingested these
baits on the bottom of a lake and could not digest them-- not good for the
fish or fisherman.
The challenge was to develop a material that could replace the existing
polymer and provide comparable elastomeric properties for a soft bait lure. We
are well along on this development. In fact, the material is safe enough that
it can be eaten by humans.
Our thought was that the RP community might have an interest in an
elatomeric material that can be cast into a mold, is safe, easy to process, and would
not last a thousand years to clog up the landfills.
We would like to communicate with list members that might have a potential
interest in this development.
Please email offline to:
_chathamres@aol.com_ (mailto:chathamres@aol.com)

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