Re: [rp-ml] QuickParts online quoting (patent 7305367)

From: Javier Munguia/UPC <>
Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 11:02:05 EEST

But how long does it take to get accurate quotes? Ive seen technicians at
some labs waiting until 5pm to completely pack the build chamber so as to
offer lower prices. Even if online quoting isn't 100% accurate if you can
get to correlate your "propietary formula" with your real final production
cost then you have an advantage.
But that's true there's a scary difference between prices quoted online by
different sources. Why should prices change if production time is
unattended and machine & materials costs are almost globaly uniform? (maybe
that's another discussion).
Were developing a NN based system to achieve realistic estimates for RM
based on very basic part info, although we dont even think of patenting. If
Im not mistaken at least in europe, software, bussines models,
methodologies and similars are not prone to be patented. Therefore maybe,
the materialise system wouldnt `ve been able to apply for one.

Interesting thread, if you dont mind I'll include some comment Ive
collected for my thesis work :)

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